The Random Road

So I am here to tell you that there are SO many roads here in Colorado that are absolutely stunning! I am sure you knew that already if you are visiting or live here. I was born and raised here and I still stumble upon roads that I did not know about. My husband and I are the adventurous type and if there is a dirt road that looks interesting, you can guarantee that we will be on it. Last weekend we went camping and ended up taking a beautiful detour of our own on this dirt road, that I will only gives hints to where it is located because we want to keep it for ourselves. Can you blame us?

I think everyone wants to have a secret place for themselves right? Especially when being surrounded by God’s beauty that he designed for us to enjoy. This drive is in between Buena Vista and Leadville, it takes you back into the mountains and has pretty rough roads meaning you would need a high clearance vehicle and/or 4×4. Nothing beats driving on dirt roads and getting to the top of a steep hill and getting to look out forever at the endless mountains and beautiful pines. IMG_6201IMG_6173

The fun thing about finding roads is you don’t know what to expect. We came across some old cabins and a beautiful place at the top of the mountain to grill some burgers.


Colorado is filled with more beautiful places you just have to be willing to find them and be adventurous. We came across a very pretty waterfall that we probably should not have climbed but it was worth the pictures. Colorado has some of the prettiest waterfalls and a lot of them are hidden and if you’re lucky you can come across one. This road is about 14 miles long and drops you off at the highest town in Colorado at 10,152 ft! fullsizeoutput_5d0fullsizeoutput_5ce

My favorite thing about waterfalls is taking pictures on a slow shutter speed so the water looks like its flowing smoothly. fullsizeoutput_5ab

You all remember Maverick, well he loves nothing more than to explore and ride in the truck with us all day! As you can see he has his big smile on. This road was quite the adventure and it was a blast! My husband and I are always looking for a new road to explore on, so if anyone has any roads they have been on or want to try, let us know! Last hint about this road is it is in between county rd 5 and county rd 113 ;). Go outside and find our road or a new one!


If you’ve come to Colorado to visit or to live, it’s probably because the mountains called to you or you wanted our 300 days of sunshine to brighten your day; either way glad you’re here. Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains and it is beautiful here (probably why we are number one place to live);… Read more Zipping