Short Day Snowshoeing

This year my boyfriend Scott took me snowshoeing for the first time. I did not know what to expect; I did however, over dress quite a bit and ended up having to take everything off but a my thin jacket and my snow pants.  

Snowshoeing was a lot of fun; minus being hot as heck because in beautiful Colorado the sun shines 300 days a year! When it’s sunny in the mountains and you are hiking around in the snow that is glistening from the sun; it’s like you’re in a dream. Winter Wonderland is a real place.  

We didn’t hike very far because we all were dying from hiking in mountains. No matter how long you’ve lived in Colorado or how in shape you are, you will always get winded when hiking in elevation.  If you don’t get winded please tell me your secret because we would all love to know. As we stopped and looked around at the glowing white trees and listened to the soft breeze moving through the pines of the trees we decided to play in the snow. My friend Josh attempted to 360 off a rock but didn’t stick the landing.  Nice action shot here for you. 

We were hiking down back towards the car when I saw the cutest tree. Yeah trees are cute, it’s a thing.  This tree was standing perfectly in the view of my eyes, it was small, the right amount of light on it, and it was standing alone.  

I took the picture and was satisfied by its beauty. What are some pictures you’ve taken that radiates beauty or cuteness? 

The Colorado Rockies are my second home. I hear God while I’m up there clear as day and I love the openness but also feeling secluded at the same time. We didn’t stay to long up there due to timing and hunger, but the amount of time we were up there I was happy. I was delighted to be in the presence of people I love and lastly, I was blessed that God chose this state for me to call home, to enjoy and explore. Colorado is a state of adventure, relaxation, sunshine, love, and happiness. I really hope everyone is enjoying my blogs about Colorado. Please remember to share your ideas with me and let me know where you want to go!


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