Scenic Views of Durango

This trip to Durango has two meanings, one was to visit my friends who made it to graduation when the other part of the group did not and the other reason was to snap some shots of beautiful places in the area.

I stayed at the Knights Inn on Main st, it is a comfy little hotel with brand new beds; the owners were very nice and welcoming. I enjoyed my stay very much. (3515 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301).

Now driving to Durango is either a journey, adventure, or just a pain. Depends on the season and how much you enjoy/hate driving. There are a few ways to get there from Denver; south on hwy 285 to 160 is the fastest and easiest route, or I-70 to 550. My favorite way to go is I-70, and even though it is an hour longer, it is more beautiful. I unfortunately did not take that way this time due to the snow and rain. Hwy 285 is also pretty but the speed limit is slow and the roads are extremely straight for miles and miles.

As you can see here the road just keeps going.
When you get to these rocks you have about 2 1/2 hours left to go.
If you get lucky it’ll rain like crazy and then this will happen! I could not believe I was able to capture this photo but thank God I was in the right place at the right time.

This was a special trip for me because I was able to bring Maverick with me and all my friends got to finally meet him and imagine my surprise they loved him! He did stay in the hotel with me and they also loved him which made staying there that much better. Maverick is large anatolian and a great travel bud. He loves the jeep and his favorite thing about traveling is all the treats he gets. IMG_5189

Our first adventure on the trip was to a place I personally love hiking because it leads you to the part of the railroad that goes from Durango to Silverton. It is called Purgatory Trail, (5.7 miles out and back) the trail head is in a neighborhood across the road from Durango Mountain Resort,(address at the end of the blog) also known as Purgatory Resort. It is an easy hike and a nice trail along the creek. It was snowy and muddy but that did not stop us. This hiking trail is 30 minutes outside of downtown Durango, during the summer there is more traffic but during the Spring it is very quite and the trail is mostly yours. This trail is mainly used for camping in the Purgatory Flats area on Cascade Creek.  The great thing about this trail is it is also very dog friendly and if you have a trained dog then let them run free and have a ball.IMG_4208

There are so many beautiful views on this trail even though you are hiking down on switchbacks instead of up.



This hike is absolutely stunning in the Fall season because Durango is covered in beautiful aspen trees. I highly recommend taking a trip down here in the Fall. The Spring is also a great time to go because the snow is melting and that means waterfalls, streams, rivers and creeks are starting to run and some still half frozen.

Durango has some of the coolest waterfalls, rivers, streams, etc.IMG_1311IMG_4201IMG_3036IMG_1376

Okay, you get the idea of how beautiful the water is here but would you jump into the water?  Yeah jump! There are three top places here in Durango that you can cliff jump or bridge jump. Bakers Bridge is the only one I have done but I heard awesome things about the other two; The Cascades and Adrenaline. Bakers Bridge is 25 minutes from downtown Durango and the water is a seafoam green color (not sure why). Bakers bridge is packed in the summer time with tourists, college students, and locals. You can either jump from the bridge or one of the rocks on the side, however adventurous you are feeling.IMG_4232IMG_4245IMG_4228IMG_4230

I met some of my best friends jumping off this bridge my freshman year of college at Fort Lewis. If you are not a jumper, Bakers is a fun place to just hang out because of the flat rocks you can lay out a towel, enjoy the sunshine, and watch the other people jump.

Another Place to swim is in Pagosa Springs, CO; about an hour from Durango. They have the best natural hot springs there. The hot springs have been around forever but the resort started in the 1990’s. IMG_4247

There a total of 23 pools at the resort and across the street is the Healing Waters Resort and Spa. If you get a chance go check out and relax in the hot springs.

Coming to an end of this blog I want to share with you a few of my favorite views that I have been able to see while driving to Durango. The first one is off the scenic overlook on Wolf Creek Pass. This view looks like something from a movie, it is just stunning. IMG_4265IMG_4272.JPGNo matter where you look it is gorgeous. The next picture is when I was coming down from Red Mountain Pass (the way you would come if you were to take I-70).

This photo was featured on coloradoinstagram go take a look.


Thanks for reading, I love sharing these photos and adventures with everyone. Enjoy the views and tag me in your photos on instagram at saundersjordan. I would love to see where you go and what you see.

Bakers Bridge, Durango, CO 81301

Pagosa Hot Springs:165 Hot Springs Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Purgatory Trail: 192 Tacoma Dr, Durango, CO 81301


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