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Buena Vista is one of my favorite places to go when I want to get away from the city and have the option to either four-wheel around the Four Mile Area or hike one of the many 14ers in the area. I have been camping in the Four Mile Area since as long as I can remember. Every time is just as great as the last, my family went down there this year over the Labor Day weekend which consisted of four wheeling on the many dirt roads and the occasional mud holes; we went through caves and went on hikes covered in Aspen trees with leaves changing left and right. IMG_4838

IMG_4743I have seen some of the best sunsets down here and rainbows. IMG_4766

There is a very good local coffee shop right off hwy 24, the owner is the nicest guy who just wants to chat. The coffee is great and they have all kinds of fun things from windchimes to sweatshirts. You can’t miss the big yellow Coffee sign when driving down the road towards Main St. (328 Charles St, Buena Vista, CO 81211).  You can also enjoy great coffee at the Roastery if you don’t mind longer lines. I am a coffee gal and I love finding new places to get my usual caramel lattes.

Onto the real fun,IMG_4618IMG_4617My pup Maverick is my adventure buddy and he definitely loves every second of it. This is a great place to take your dogs; all the campsites are pretty spread out, having good distances from each other. Another good thing is you don’t have to keep your dog leashed; they can run, play in the creek, or join you on the dirt roads.

IMG_4835The Aspen trees up on the trail we hiked were already changing and absolutely beautiful! Davis Meadow trail is a great place to hike because one, it is gorgeous and two, it is probably one of the only trials where you will actually be alone! take advantage of that because it is not a common thing anymore.

IMG_4830From the stoplight in Buena Vista, CO, travel south on Hwy 24 for 2.5 miles to the intersection with Hwy 285. Turn left onto Hwy 285, drive through Johnson’s Village and stay on Hwy 285 for 13 miles to the top of Trout Creek Pass. At the top of the pass, turn left on County Road 311 and drive for 5.5 miles to Forest Road 311D. Turn right onto FR 311D and drive .5 miles to the trailhead where you’ll see this sign.

IMG_4855IMG_4861One of my favorite things to do while off roading is to find mud holes. I think we succeeded in that! My car is the Wrangler and my boyfriend has the Toyota; we both love off roading so much that we always end up driving separately even though we just follow each other. Silly but so much fun! Funny side story, his truck had to pull my jeep out of a 4 foot mud hole back before when we first started dating. He never lets me forget ha! IMG_4871This cave is actually just a tunnel and is an extremely busy fishing spot during the day. You would have never guessed it! This is a great reminder of where to turn to go up Four Mile. Just turn right at the mile marker right before you would go through the tunnels. I think one of my favorite things about photography is that you can make the pictures look different than what everyone is used to seeing. For example, I showed my dad this picture which I expected him to know where this was since he goes up to Four Mile all the time; he wasn’t even sure where these tunnels were because of the way I angled and changed the lighting of the photo. Super cool!

I hope this blog has given some of you the nerve to venture out and explore Buena Vista. I always have fun down there and I would love for you to share your posts and pictures with me. IMG_4780Thanks for the read!


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  1. Love this! That picture of the tunnels is exceptional and I try to get to the Roastery as often as possible. Loved reading your thoughts on the place I call home!

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