Owning a dog is like having a kid….I think

So I have the cutest dog in the whole world….Okay I may be biased. But I mean look at how handsome he is. IMG_4618So this is Maverick and he is an Anatolian Shepherd he weighs 125 pounds and is definitely one of a kind! I have mentioned him in a few of my previous posts but now I am writing all about him. I have grown up with dogs ever since I can remember. Once I moved out I decided I wanted to get a dog of my own. I was planning on moving to Durango, CO (my most favorite town ever); so I got a dog to train and bring down there with me but… There were issues with his stomach and his small intestines while he grew up, which meant zero money to move. But by me not moving I ended up meeting my now fiancé. So it wasn’t all the bad 😉

This was Maverick at 10 weeks old. The day I brought him home, a friend and I drove 12 hours one way to Missouri and picked him up, then turned right back around and drove 12 hours home back to Colorado. IMG_0198ADORABLE if I might say so myself! By the way he weighed 45 pounds haha so not a small 10 week pup thats for sure.

The moment I got Maverick home he was a quiet little guy until day two. From then it became interesting because he was scared of the stairs (now he has no brakes when going down them), he chewed on my clothes (not anymore now that he has an endless amount of toys), tormented my dads dog (still does that), and sat and starred at me for long periods of time (definitely still does this). Sounds like a baby haha lets face it he is my baby. He has the most interesting personality, when he looks at you you can tell what he is thinking most of the time it is a face of f*** you or are you serious right now. IMG_4271This is the ‘are you seriously taking my picture again’ face. I got Maverick shortly after getting my Jeep Wrangler that I am sure you have seen in previous posts, which obviously meant he was going to be my new adventure buddy. Which I might add he enjoys it as much as I do.

img_5219His favorite trip is our drive to Empire, CO to get him a doggy cone on hot summer days.

IMG_0197As you can see he supports the Broncos but like most dogs we had to get him to pose with a treat ha.

IMG_0289He is definitely not one to judge on size as you see he is twice this dogs size ha but they are friends. Maverick is sweet and curious about every one and every thing. He is like a kid who just follows you around because he wants to constantly know what you are doing.

IMG_0490“Hey mom, what are you doing all the way up there?” “Can I come up there too?”

IMG_0193He is one handsome pup! This was at the Great Sand Dunes which was basically a playground for him and he loved every second of it besides the sand being a touch to hot.

IMG_0060Last one of his gorgeousness. I mean come on just look at him! Anatolians are one of the coolest dogs ever. I didn’t even know they existed until I found him. After a lot of research on the breed I was hooked and so when I started looking around I new I wanted his name to be Maverick and then there he was. His name was already Maverick!! I new it was meant to be and now he is my baby and my adventure buddy!

Thanks all for reading and letting my crazy dog lady side be heard for a bit! If you are a dog owner you know what I am talking about 🙂

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